With more Certified Appraisers than any firm in the Midwest Selkirk has the ability to respond quickly to your individual appraisal needs.  Our appraisers are certified by the Certified Appraisers Guild of America or the International Society of Appraisers, and can provide complimentary pre-auction  consultation or complete, written appraisals for a wide range of purposes.  


Whether you are a private individual, a bank, estate executor or a representative of an institution or business, we can customize our services to meet your need.  Our appraisers are professional, knowledgeable and thorough. The breadth of knowledge possessed by our full-time staff is only enhanced by the relationships we have forged with some of the top experts in the country, giving us the ability to evaluate and market everything from collectibles to fine art and antiques. 

Monthly Walk-in Appraisal Days

What do you have.... waiting to be discovered?


Visit us for our walk-in appraisal days the last Tuesday of each month, 10 AM - 4 PM, at our downtown St. Louis gallery in the historic 555 Washington Avenue. No hassle - no appointments - always open to the public. Just come to the Selkirk gallery with your antique furniture, art, jewelry, decorative accessory, or collectible and enjoy the opportunity to speak with one of our appraisers. Photos are completely acceptable for larger items. Learn more about your object and receive a complimentary, verbal evaluation of value. We can also explain just how the auction process could work for you if you are interested in selling the object(s) in question.



​Anytime Evaluation

Are you wondering how to get an appraisal if you cannot bring your item(s) to Selkirk?


If you cannot join us in our gallery for the monthly appraisal days, please contact our appraisers anytime by phone (314.696.9041), mail (555 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101), or email After your preliminary inquiry (and depending on the nature of the object or the scope of a collection), our appraisers are available to travel to your home. Simply submit images and additional information (measurements, marks, signature, condition, & provenance). Once you contact us, one of our representatives will respond to you promptly. Our complimentary evaluations are always confidential and there is never any obligation.


Written Appraisals

Are you an attorney, banker, insurance agent, or a family member trying to get a written appraisal for personal or business needs?


Selkirk's appraisers can produce written appraisals for a wide range of purposes whether you are a private individual, a bank, estate executor, or a representative of an institution or business. Our appraisers are professional, knowledgeable and thorough.


Written reports are completed based on recognized appraisal industry standards; fees are based on an hourly inspection rate, including travel costs. Report-writing and research time is provided at no additional charge.


Fair Market Value Appraisals are used for estate planning, estate tax settlement, equitable distribution, or charitable donations, while Replacement Value Appraisals are completed for insurance purposes.


Selkirk offers reduced appraisal fees for institutions and non-profit organizations. We are happy to provide references for our appraisal services, upon request.



Host an Appraisal Event

Are you a member of a group or organization that would benefit from a well-run fundraiser?


Many of Selkirk's appraisal days are held as fundraising events for museums, historical societies, and other nonprofit organizations. In an effort to attract more visitors and attention to your venue, these events are most frequently open to the public and a nominal per item fee or donation is charged for each appraisal for the benefit of the hosting organization. In return, participants receive a complimentary, verbal evaluation of an object's value. Since our appraisers are frequently out in the community, let us join your team for the day. The Selkirk Gallery is also available for private appraisal events. Email for more information.

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