Estate Preparation, Estate Settlement or Downsizing

Selkirk’s Estate Services Division serves as a valuable resource for families, executors, trustees -  

anyone involved in estate planning or settlement.


Selkirk will assign an experienced estate specialist as your single point of contact for all of

your estate or downsizing needs - from appraisals, to auctions, tag sales, and real estate services.


Selkirk has been a trusted resource for the auction and appraisal of art, antiques and collectibles for many years.  We approach the unique circumstances surrounding each estate sale and downsizing situation with the same commitment to customer care and the same level of integrity that our clients have come to expect.  

Where to Start?

We understand the complexities of planning and settling an estate.  Determining values, deciding whether (and how) to sell, making equitable divisions among family members, utilizing donation opportunities...these are issues we address with clients everyday.  Our team has decades of combined experience with the appraisal, assessment and disbursement of collections and estates.  Selkirk provides a single point of contact – an advocate for you and your beneficiaries and a respected and knowledgeable professional for your legal representatives.  We bring unmatched service and integrity to you at a time when objective, clear and honest advice is needed.  We take great pride in not only evaluating and liquidating assets, but creating opportunities to distinguish our clients’ collections and passions from the rest.



Need an Appraisal?

Often, full, written appraisals are not necessary to the estate settlement process; particularly when items are planned for auction.  Selkirk has several, highly qualified consignor representatives, who can offer verbal, pre-auction estimates of value – at no charge.  However, when a written appraisal is required for advance estate planning, Selkirk has the ability to respond quickly, with experienced, professional appraisers.  


How do you choose the right appraisal professional for you or your client?

So, it has been determined that your particular situation does require a written appraisal. As the attorney, banker, insurance agent, or family member requiring the appraisal services, identifying the right professionals to meet all the needs of settling an estate can be overwhelming. It took your client or family member a lifetime to build a collection, careful attention to distributing it in the most advantageous way possible is critical. Selkirk assists clients with estate settlement and downsizing needs throughout the continental United States.


We bring unmatched service and integrity to you and your clients at a time when objective, clear and honest advice is needed. Selkirk's wide range of services and full staff of appraisal, auction and real estate professionals eliminates the need to manage multiple relationships.



Why Selkirk? 

Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers is led by a seasoned and respected team of professionals who are recognized for the unparalleled exposure achieved for their auctions while still providing the legendary "high touch" customer service for which our team is known.

These are just a few of the reasons our clients choose Selkirk:

  • Location: Selkirk is located in the historic Downtown area of St. Louis at 555 Washington Avenue,  named as one of the 10 Best Streets in America, a perfect combination of modern chic meets classic 19th century architecture. Selkirk joined a vibrant arts scene on Washington Avenue in its beautifully appointed space which architects Francis D. Lee with Thomas B. Annan built in 1875 as the Finney Building. Additionally, the greater St. Louis area is home to a sophisticated population with a long history of support for art and antiques. Easily accessible to both the East and West coasts, Selkirk in St. Louis is positioned to be the best location to sell your items.

  • Efficiency: Selkirk accepts consignments of single items as well as lifetime collections. A consistent and full calendar of auctions means we can generally accommodate the sale of your item(s) within a reasonable period of time. 

  • Integrity: Unlike many other auction firms, we do not buy items for resale. This important distinction means that Selkirk is always working on the right side of the transaction - yours.  We will never try to negotiate a lower price with you, because your consignment agreement makes us a team working toward the same goal: achieving the highest price for your item(s).  Also, we do not bid at our auctions. Buyers never have to worry about the transparency of the bidding process at Selkirk. They trust that their bids will be executed faithfully and carefully, with no insider bidding. What does this mean for our sellers? Buyers who trust their auction house will bid more.

  • Reach: With our network of collectors, dealers and institutions, Selkirk reaches tens of thousands of qualified bidders with every auction. Additionally, our auctions are published on the most visible auction websites in the world, reaching millions of potential buyers. Bidding is conducted simultaneously online and "in-the-saleroom," with live audio and video feeds for most events. An aggressive marketing, public relations and communications strategy utilizes a proprietary approach to print and digital media to maximize the attention to your items.

  • Expertise: The care and attention we have given to growing our market share has also been applied to developing strong relationships with top experts in nearly every field, giving you access to the most knowledgeable, qualified individuals for the items you consign. By leveraging expertise both on staff and through our consultants, Selkirk can offer you all the benefits of working with a large auction firm while maintaining a personal relationship with easy, direct access to every member of our team. 

  • Logistics:  Selkirk employs a full support staff to see each process through to the end.  Our transportation staff is careful and diligent; our marketing staff is savvy and talented, and our administrative staff tends to every detail. Once you call Selkirk, you can rest assured that we will effectively manage the process through the end – leaving the residence broom clean, while marketing every item in the venue in order to assure the highest rate of return.


Our team of professionals prides ourselves on delivering efficient, detailed service with a down-to-earth and personal approach.  The most valuable thing we've handled is your trust and your reputation, and we strive to exceed your clients' or family's expectation.


In short, your bottom line is our top priority.

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