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#stlstuff: It's a tree trunk, it's a's a work of art

In the back and side yards of St. Louis homes, usually in the city or the inner suburbs, clay planters that look like tree trunks sit there, doing their, um, clay tree trunk planter thing. Greg Rhomberg loves them. He owns about 30 tree tile planters. His range from small ones about 4 inches in diameter to larger ones about 18 inches in diameter that weigh a couple hundred pounds. The smaller ones can go for about $20 and the larger ones for $450 or more, he says. Why are they so valuable? They’re considered a form of folk art. Workers at clay pipe manufacturers from the late 19th century through the 1950s made them after a long day’s shift. They’d take a couple of feet of leftover, wet, cla

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