Not Every Arts & Crafts was Plain and Boxlike

Arts and Crafts furniture was in style from the late 19th to the early 20th century. It was very different from the ornate styles of the earlier Victorian era. It had the advantage of new tools and mass production. The Arts and Crafts movement promoted skilled craftsmanship, quality work and simple, sturdy shapes.

Iconic Arts and Crafts and Mission workshops, like Stickley and Roycroft, are known for their simple furniture made in dark oak with little ornamentation. This doesn't mean that every Arts and Crafts piece is a plain, heavy box!

This umbrella stand, which sold for $300 at a Selkirk auction in St. Louis has a light, intricate look. However, its design uses straight lines and simple geometric shapes. Its ball feet create a sturdy look; and, as an umbrella stand, it was made with use in mind.


Copyright Cowles Syndicate Inc. Originally published April 13, 2022 Wisconsin State Farmer