Western Mississippian, present day Missouri, USA, 800-1100 C.E.
The hallowed site for sacred rituals, astronomical studies, oral tradition, vision quests, and described as "the most important rock art site in North America". The two cave system boasts massive panels of over 290 prehistoric glyphs making it the largest collection of Native American polychrome paintings in Missouri. Considered to be one of the most significant North American archeological sites, Picture Cave's importance has been described by scholars as rivaling that of Cahokia and Chaco Canyon. The quantity and complexity of the wall images, like the renowned depiction of Red Horn, are unmatched compared to other prehistoric sites.

Real Estate: Picture Cave's subterranean system rests within 43 acres of undeveloped land in Warren County, MO. Primarily used as hunting grounds by the land owner family since 1953, the rolling hill filled forest landscape is home to a variety of animal species and natural spring.

Biology: Picture Cave is home to a rare indigenous colony of Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis) which are federally listed as endangered species. Several secular educational institutions and biologists have interest in the study and recovery of the species.

Literature: Picture Cave- Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mississippian Cosmos
Authors: Carol Diaz-Granados is Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Washington University, where she has taught for over thirty years. She is also Adjunct Professor at Webster University. James R. Duncan is an archaeologist and anthropologist who studies the Osage and Native American ethnography and is former Director of the Missouri State Museum. F. Kent Reilly III is Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Arts and Symbolism of Ancient America at Texas State University. Foreward by Patty Jo Watson
Photographer: Alan Cressler
Publisher: University of Texas Press; Illustrated edition (June 15, 2015)
Language: English
Hard back copy containing 360 pages | 8.5 x 11 | 269 black & white photos, 35 black & white illustrations, 26 color illustrations, 7 maps, 185 color photos
ISBN: 978-0-292-76133-9

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