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Selkirk’s team of specialists are experienced, adept to market trends, and dedicated to bringing the most amount of attention to your property. Our advertising and marketing strategies coordinate with international publications through both digital and print circulation in order to target bidders across the globe. Your items will receive exceptional professional photography distributed internationally through our website and partnering auction platforms. At our gallery located in St. Louis, Missouri, your collection will receive unrivaled presentation attracting bidders through both live bidding and internationally online.

We recognize that the relationships built with our consignors are integral. We approach each relationship with integrity, transparency, and discretion. We aim to make your experience as a seller convenient, rewarding and informed from beginning to end.


Who we serve:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Museums & Institutions
  • Trusts, Estate, and Probate Professionals & Fiduciaries

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Whether you have a single luxury item or an entire collection, our specialists welcome the opportunity to provide you with a confidential auction estimate and proposal.

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